It’s Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK and for me that has meant three whole days off work. I’m feeling relaxed and the stress that made me gain weight has gone now. Sadly, the extra pounds haven’t left with the stress, so I need to take back control.

I thought it would be worth listing the things that inspire and motivate me. The premis being, the more I think thin, the more likely I will be to act thin.

Here’s my personal 3 point thinspiration list

Friends on a diet

I’m pretty competitive, and this weekend met up with one of my friends who never sticks to her diets. I’m usually the one who’s completely motivated with iron willpower. But this weekend it was she who was 14lbs lighter and suggesting low calorie alcohol free drinks! I can’t allow that! I need to be more motivated than her again.

My fat wardrobe

My skinny clothes just don’t fit – I’m not even attempting to put them on! This is madness. It’s the summer and I should be flaunting my skinny self in my favourite outfits. Instead, I’m hiding away in shapeless dark clothes.


I know what it’s like to be slim. When I imagine myself at the weight I like to be, I feel motivated. I don’t mean just a passing thought about how I looked though. What I mean, is visualising:

  • How I look
  • What I’m wearing
  • The appreciative looks from friends and family
  • How confident I feel
  • My improved fitness levels and increased energy

In essence I put myself right inside my slim self for true thinspriration. Then I visualise what I was eating, my food habits and my exercise regime.

So what will I be doing with my new found thinspiration?

I’m going to start living point number 3 instead of just imagining it! That in itself will take care of my thinspiration points 1 and 2!

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