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Ideal weight calculator

Calculate your ideal weight using our ideal weight calculator below. To give you an idea how using this average result may work in reality, Anni, our founder, is 5’6″ tall and her starting weight was 178lbs. (If you’re interested, here’s why ideal weight by age isn’t a thing.)

Anni says

“when I first started my diet, I was aiming for 140lbs, when I reached it, I could see I had more to lose. But I had no idea how much. The average ideal weight for my height is 130lbs, so I aimed for that and looked good, but there were still a few areas where I was holding a bit too much fat. The weight I eventually found that makes me feel good about how I look is 123lbs.”

As you can see,  the ideal weight calculator will give you a guide as to what your ideal weight might be and can help you adjust your goals as you lose weight.

Calculate your ideal weight

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Factors that affect your ideal weight

This ideal weight calculator uses averages based on your height, so do use our other weight loss tools to help narrow down the right weight for you.

Knowledge is power and the better you know your own body, the easier it will be to calculate the right ideal weight for you. Here are things worth keeping in mind when deciding whether you’re at or above your ideal weight.

  • Body weight varies throughout the day as the amount of water in the body changes
  • The make up of fat to muscle in your body (muscle is denser than fat) affects your weight, so your body fat percentage matters
  • Your body frame size – how rangy or dense your skeleton is affect the amount of fat, skin, tissue and muscle needed to cover it.

So, your ideal weight is very personal to you. Use our other weight loss calculators and tools to gain as much insight into the numbers that affect you as possible. Understand your Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabollic Rate (BMR), Body Fat Percentage (BFP), Body Frame Size (BFS) and body shape. And don’t forget to try our free TDEE calculator to see how many calories your body uses every day.


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I’m Anni, I’ve lost over 55lbs in weight and admit it’s been a life long struggle. Now at 50 +, I’m sharing what I’ve learned along the way.

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