//Stress induced Weight Gain – Part two

Stress induced Weight Gain – Part two

Stress Induced Weight Gain – what happened?

It is 6 weeks since I wrote the post on how stress stopped me losing weight and to my shame, I am not back at my skinny weight. In fact that goal is further away than ever. And summer is almost here!

I gained weight rather than losing it

I gave up! It’s the first time in years I really fell off the wagon. I found myself comfort eating to the point I daren’t step on the scales!

But I know my weight has shot up because my face feels fat and I don’t even look at my tiny clothes when I’m getting dressed. Instead I look for baggy cover ups! And worse still, I’ve even considered buying bigger clothes!

Right that’s it! I need to take control again, so today is the first day of my new diet.

Stress Factor Rating

My heart rate has settled and the primary cause of the stress I was experiencing has gone. So why have I been comfort eating? I still feel pretty low – and feeling fat and low is a viscious cycle.  That’s why this is so hard – every morning, I wake up and think “today’s the day I get back on track” and then at some point during the day, either lunchtime or in the evening, I lose control and don’t just break the diet, I  reverse all the good work I put in over the years. Stress induced weight gain is very hard to deal with, because you have to treat the cause as well as the symptom.

How Fat am I now?

It’s incredible how fast you can put weight on when you’re binge eating every day. Some actors and actresses get paid to do this in preparation for parts. Think Renée Zellweger preparing for her role in Bridget Jones Diary! That’s what’s happened to me. Now don’t get me wrong, I know I haven’t put all the weight I lost back on, but it could be half that. Maybe 25 to 30lbs! I’ll know when I pluck up the courage to weigh myself.

Dealing with Stress Induced Weight Gain – My Plan

Step 1

I need a plan, so my first step has to be to use my own resources. On the main 1 is 2 fat website, I built a forecasting and diet planning tool – the diet planner. I’m going to start here. Using the planner tool, I can personalise my weight loss program to fit with my current (still a bit stressed!) lifestyle and my exercise regime. This will forecast my diet finish date and give me a plan!

Step 2

I need to feel good about myself and start to reverse all those bad feelings that come with stress, anxiety and depression. I’m going to start with improving how my skin looks. right now it feels and looks old. So, I’m going to try microneedling – DermaPen on the 25th May. To do that, I can’t afford to have any skin break outs, so my diet needs to be healthy and my stress levels need to be low. This will give me focus.

Step 3

Take one day at a tome. The first day of a diet is the hardest, so today, I’m going to be uber strict and do other things to take my mind off food. My day will be really busy, but stress free. It’s a Sunday, so no work today, but the sun is shining and there’s loads to do in the garden. This is a double whammy, because I’ll be busy doing something that’s stress relieving too.

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