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Weight loss charts and calculators

weight charts and calculators

About our free online weight loss charts and calculators

All the weight loss, calorie, fat burning, BMI, BMR and diet planning calculators you’ll ever need. All free and all in one place!
Not only that, our weight loss calculators factor in how your metabolism really works to predict how long it’ll take to reach a particular weight loss goal.

You’ve probably noticed that losing weight and keeping it off can sometimes feel complicated. So working out how much to eat and how much exercise to get, all within the context of everyday life can be overwhelming.

That’s where our weight loss charts and calculators come in, because weight charts & calculator results are the simplest way to identify your ideal weight, body fat percentage and start planning your diet.

Why use an online calculator?

We know there are many ways to decide if you are too fat. You can look in the mirror, listen to friends, use a bathroom scale, tape measure or an old outfit from your ideal weight era. But the most accurate way is to to check using accurate calculations. That’s why we’ve built our weight loss calculators for you to use. Next, try our body fat calculator or our bmi calculator to see if your perception of your body fat is right. And see the entire list in our menu of diet calculators.

As well as our weight loss calculators, you’ll also find information on manual body fat calculator methods. And an at a glance weight chart showing the ideal healthy weight for men & women. When you’re ready, we think you’ll love our all in one diet planning calculator that will do all the hard work for you (except the actual diet of course!)

Don’t want to use our free weight loss calculators? Compare other Body Fat measures.

Here are some other tests that measure body fat. But we’re sorry, you’re on your own for these–as there aren’t any clever online calculators involved.

Body composition tests vs. our online weight loss calculators

Body Fat Pinch Test vs. weight loss calculators

You can use calipers to measure & average folds of skin & fat in places on your body. But it’s not a precise method – you do need to be very accurate, you can either go to a professional at a gym. Or try it yourself right now by following our instructions & using our body fat percentage calculator

Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis (BIA) vs. our online weight loss calculators

Electrodes are attached to your hand & foot, a radio-frequency pulse is run through your body to measure water content. That provides a guide to body fat with an error of 2 or 2 1/2%. But anything that affects your hydration, such as exercise or drink before the test can impact results.

BIA at home

Nowadays, you can buy paired down versions of these for use at home in the form of weight scales.

But these scales determine body composition by sending currents up one leg and down the other. That means Impedance is only actually measured for the legs.  In contrast to the real thing, to calculate the upper body, scales make assumptions. And the assumptions are based on the composition of your legs (and if using age and gender data, adjusting for those as well).

So, if you have hefty thighs and skinny shoulders or are a V-shape or A shape (see our body type calculator) your results will be inaccurate to say the least!

BIA scales are becoming one of the most popular ways to measure body fat percentage and body composition. Thi is because of their speed, convenience, and accuracy. And there’s no shortage of them to buy, and costs range greatly. Some are under £50, while others range in the tens of thousands.

Immersion Test

So far the best way of measuring of body-fat is the immersion test. When you take the test, you’re (as the name suggests) immersed into a pool. And its error rate is just 1 percentage point. You’ll find it at hospitals and a few gyms, but it’s very tiring and can last up to 60 minutes. We could only find commercial locations offering this test in the US for example Body Fat Testing. But it’s expensive and how many visits would you need to get motivational results?

Bod Pod

A next generation body fat measuring tool that is precise and painless. Whereby you step into a pod, sit for 20 seconds, and that’s it. Air displacement, is converted to relative fat when weight is factored in is measured. Early tests show it’s equal to immersion. It can be found at only a few hospitals and universities. But it’s quick and easy at £40 a go it’s not so pricey either and we found it in the UK at the University of BCOM.


All the weight loss, calorie, fat burning, BMI, BMR and diet planning calculators you’ll ever need.

All free and all in one place!

Not only that, our weight loss planner factors in how your metabolism really works to predict how long it’ll take to reach a particular weight loss goal.


From the Atkins diet to the South Beach diet and from low carb to low fat diets, you’ll find them here.

Check out the differences between the diet types and find out what we think works.

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