//How to lose weight quickly – Results in a week

How to lose weight quickly – Results in a week

Well after the ever increasing weigh-ins despite trying to lose weight since March, I’m finally back on track.

More than just on track really. I’ve amazed myself at how well I’ve done in just a week! Since last Saturday, I’ve lost almost 8lbs in weight. Now I know (and probably you do too) that it’s not all actual fat weight that I’ve lost. Some will be fluid and bloat of course. And I know that I won’t lose 8lbs next week. But, I am now really motivated to lose the rest of the weight. My diet willpower has been resurrected and we all know that being in the right frame of mind for a diet is often the hardest part.

Surprisingly, the weight loss is actually noticable too. My face looks thinner and my belly has shrunk. I can even see a bit (little bit) of definition in my arms.

I still have a way to go. But the results I’ve had this week have been a great eye opener in how to lose weight quickly and I want to share my experience with you. But first I’m going to give a disclaimer –

This worked for me. It is an extreme way to lose weight quckly and I do not recommend you try it unless you first seek advice from a medical professional.

Here’s how I lost weight quickly – almost 8lbs in a week

  1. Firstly, I should explain that I got my inspiration for my diet the week before I started it
  2. Then to get the willpower, I used an extreme version of my own diet kick start day advice
  3. Keeping my carbs low
  4. Maintaining calories very low
  5. Making sure I kept my daily steps above 10,000 (except day 1 when I did 8,500 steps)

Here are my weigh-ins for the week

DayWeightBody Fat %Total Pounds LostCalories EatenCalories BurnedCarbs eaten

Hopefully this has given you some real insight into how to lose weight quickly.

I may have been able to show how to lose weight quickly, but is it healthy?

Losing weight quickly like this certainly isn’t the most healthy way to go about it. But I must stress that every single calorie that passed my lips this week was a good calorie. I ate salmon, liver, chicken, rocket, spinach, tomatoes, almond milk and mushrooms!

Of course, I’m now starting my second week or my diet and I really don’t expect to lose 8lbs this week. Based on past experience, I might lose 4lbs, but, because I will adjust my intake, I expect it’s more likely to be 2-3lbs. My intention is to eat very low calorie and very low carb today and maybe only have a slight increase tomorrow. Then when I’m back at work, Monday to friday, I want to aim for around 1200 calories and less than 50g of carbs each day.

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