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Ever feel like the devil on your shoulder is beating you in your weight loss battle? Learn how to get the better of him and win the diet war.

Trick your diet devil

Diet tricks

  1. Tape a picture of your skinny self to the refrigerator for inspiration. Remind yourself what you can look like with is tried & tested diet trick.
  2. Tape a picture of your fat self to the refrigerator for motivation. And remind yourself what you don’t want to look like.
  3. Limit head-on visions. Do a “Miss America,” and stand at an angle that presents a three-quarter body profile.
  4. Don’t keep up with the Jones’s. Take one bite of food for every two that your dining companion takes.
  5. “Boost” your sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, sprouts, cucumber slices, bell peppers, and other fresh veggies. Along with the bigger crunch, you’ll get a bigger sandwich with few additional calories and no extra fat.

Diet Tricks – Trick your taste buds

Have your teeth cleaned professionally and whitened and you won’t want to spoil that gorgeous mouth with “bad” food.

  1. Take a shower or bath when a food craving strikes. It will relax you, and keep your whole body occupied and out of trouble (i.e. the kitchen) until the craving fades.
  2. Phone a talkative friend when a food craving strikes and call from a corded phone outside the kitchen.
  3. Brush your teeth, floss, gargle, or chew a stick of gum immediately after your meal to stop yourself from eating more.
  4. Stand near fatter people. – they make you look thinner.
  5. To add length to round faces, part hair on the side, in a silky straight down do, or in an up sweep and keep a fringe on the wispy side.
  6. Smash your trash. When you throw food away, thoroughly bury it under more trash so there will be no question of changing your mind. No need to explain.

Make it hard to eat with these diet tricks

Give yourself a manicure when a craving strikes, applying extra layers of slow-drying nail polish. Because it will keep your hands occupied and out of trouble until the craving fades.

  1. Computer-enhance a photo of yourself to see how great you’ll look when you’re slim. Never mind liposuction: Today’s computer technology lets you delete double chins and narrow your waistline with the touch of a keystroke. Print out a copy and keep it in your purse.
  2. Chew sugarless gum while you prepare meals. It’ll keep you from tasting (eating) that extra serving’s worth.
  3. Cross your legs at your ankles. Your thighs and calves will look slimmer.
  4. Drink a tall glass of water before every meal. It’s a healthy way to quench your hunger.
  5. Get a tan. A tan helps you look thinner

Calorie Trick

Work for your snacks. Before you eat a high-calorie snack, clean the bathroom or vacuum the house. Don’t eat until the faucets and sink are gleaming.


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