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9 06, 18

How to lose weight quickly – Results in a week

2018-06-09T12:11:10+00:00 Jun 9, 2018|Categories: Diet Motivation, Diets, Weight Loss|0 Comments

Well after the ever increasing weigh-ins despite trying to lose weight since March, I'm finally back on track. More than just on track really. I've amazed myself at how well I've done in just a week! Since last Saturday, I've lost almost 8lbs in weight. Now I know (and probably you do too) that it's [...]

13 01, 18

How long does it take to notice weight loss ?

2018-06-09T08:50:43+00:00 Jan 13, 2018|Categories: Diet Motivation, Ideal weight, Weight Loss|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

 People often ask me: "How long does it take to notice weight loss?" "At what point in your weight loss did you start to notice a difference in your appearance? " "What percent of your body weight did you have to lose before you were able to see an actual difference?" "When did others begin [...]

11 01, 18

Losing weight after 50

2018-06-09T09:14:59+00:00 Jan 11, 2018|Categories: Diet Motivation, Over 50, Weight Loss|Tags: , , |0 Comments

When you reach 50, it seems that everything is conspiring to get you fat: Hormones - the menopause Your metabolism slowing down Your energy levels decreasing It makes you feel as though you’ve reached the end of the road as far as losing weight is concerned. Is losing weight after 50 possible? If you’re like [...]

1 01, 18

Immediate Craving Busters

2018-06-09T09:16:06+00:00 Jan 1, 2018|Categories: Diet Motivation|Tags: , , |0 Comments

Immediate Craving Busters Millions of British viewers watched Paul McKenna's TV series on sky one and were amazed at the weight loss techniques Paul showed them. One such amazing technique called the Craving Buster, showed how to immediately remove food cravings! Here's an extract of the technique Paul demonstrated: "If you are feeling a strong [...]

1 01, 18

Diet Kick-Start Motivation

2018-06-09T09:17:04+00:00 Jan 1, 2018|Categories: Diet Motivation, Diet Planning, Diets, Weight Loss|Tags: , , |0 Comments

The Motivational Diet Kick-Start Often the hardest part of any diet is getting started. Many would-be dieters mooch around for months whinging about how fat they have become and vowing every week, that next week is when their diet starts. But for many, the first day of a diet is the hardest, you feel hungry [...]


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