//Diet Kick-Start Motivation

Diet Kick-Start Motivation

The Motivational Diet Kick-Start

Often the hardest part of any diet is getting started. Many would-be dieters mooch around for months whinging about how fat they have become and vowing every week, that next week is when their diet starts.

But for many, the first day of a diet is the hardest, you feel hungry all day, and obsess about food every minute and the time just drags between meals, so by the time the evening comes, many would be losers, give up and start snacking in front of the TV.  If that sounds familiar, here’s one way to get on the slimming route faster.

Diet Kick-Start Motivation – Kick Start Day

Take a look at your activity over the next couple of weeks and look for a particularly busy day. You know the type I mean, we all have them;

A day that is full from the word go, when you know that even without thinking about it you’ll end up skipping lunch.

That is your kick start day. Weigh yourself the night before.

Diet Kick-Start Motivation – The trick

Now, here’s the trick , add an activity to the day. Preferably invite someone around for the evening, who you know will outstay their welcome. And tell them it’s for coffee and a chat, not for a meal. Invite them to arrive at a time when you know you would normally be eating your evening meal and when they arrive, pretend you have eaten.

The minute they leave, go to bed. In the morning weigh yourself.

Diet Kick-Start Motivation – The result

Having skipped two meals and not snacked for 24 hrs, you will see a marked difference in the weight scales! Granted much of the weight loss will be fluids etc, but imagine what a waste it would be to put it all back on in one day. Now you’ve started, you may as well carry on with your diet in the way that you had  been planning throughout all those months when you were whining about your excess weight.

This is not something you should do for more than a day and really is just a way of tricking your mind into starting that slimming campaign. But many people have found that it works and moves them from the stage of wanting to go on a diet, to being on a diet. Use our Diet Kick-Start Motivation we think it really works!

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