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Male Body Shape Calculator

Men – which body shape are you?

Scroll down to try the male body shape calculator. Or, click here to use the female body shape calculator

Use our male body shape calculator to find your body type. When you understand your body shape and type, it’s easier to visualise your weight loss and muscle gain.

Remember – your body type and shape may change as you lose weight and gain muscle, so check back with the Male Body Shape Calculator regularly.

Male Body Shape Calculator

Male Body Type Calculator

Note: - You can use metric or imperial measurements, but choose one only and stick with it for all your measurements. When you click in each answer box instructions appear at the bottom on how to take those measurements.


body type calculation

Working it out ...

See the six male body shapes or types

You’ve found your body type using the male body shape calculator, now read up on the deatil of each of the six body shapes, A, I, O, V, X and T.

A Type

male body type A
The A shape man has shoulders that are narrower than his hips and thighs. Whilst not the classic V that many men strive for, you do have the healthiest distribution of fat and are the least likely to have heart disease (you lucky thing!). Cardio exercise will help with fat distribution and concentrate your weight training efforts in the gym on your upper body. Pec, lats and shoulder workouts as well as arms are crucial for this body type.

X Type

male body type X
The X shape body has shoulders and hips relatively the same size, and a neat waist. The widest part of the body is often the thighs, when viewed from the front. If this is your body type, as a man, you’ll find  you’re well suited to strength training and probably build muscle easily. Make sure you build those enviable thigh, calf and buttock muscles as well as your arms and shoulders. Careful never to let it go to fat though as your body tpe lays down fat easily. And you may be prone to eat too many sugary carbs. Stick to low carb diets if you can.

V Shape

male body type V
If you have a V shape body or an an Inverted Triangle Body Shape your hips are narrower than your shoulders. your waist may go in slightly, or be a bit straighter, but the main defining feature of your shape is the different proportions of shoulders and hips. This is the classic Superman body type. Remember to work out those legs though as well as your upper body, to avoid chicken legs!

O Shape

male body type O
The O shaped man carries most his body fat in the abdominal region. He will generally have a relatively large waist, often referred to as a beer gut as it looks and feels hard from the outside. Men with a beer gut tendency have more fat surrounding their internal organs (visceral fat). If this is you, be aware that visceral fat is dangerous and although it may not feel and look like your usual soft fat, it is fat. The good news is you can reduce visceral fat fairly easily.

I Type (H if overweight)

male body type I
The I body type is often skinny – think Russell Brand, but not always. David Beckham is an I type and looks great – but he’s clearly worked at it. You’ll adapt really well to cardio execise and, whilst muscle will build smaller, you can appear lean and fit. If you’re overweight, you’ll probably find you carry the excess weight evenly. This often means you’ll lose it evenly too.

T Type

male shape T
The T body type has broad shoulders, and a straight body. Your shoulders can be so broad that you look like you left a coat hanger in your clothes! You’ll adapt really well to cardio execise especially swimming and rowing. If you’re overweight, you’ll probably find you carry the excess weight evenly. This often means you’ll lose it evenly too.

Can you change your Body Shape?

Body shape is different to your body frame. The body shape calculator calculates the visible shape of your measurements. This shape, can be affected by the amount of fat and muscle you carry as well as your bone structure or frame. By losing fat and building muscle, it is possible to change your body shape. But you can’t change your body frame size. Check out our body frame size calculator here.

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