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Finding your Ideal Weight

Check out our weight loss blog articles all about your ideal weight. Here’s how to find out what your ideal weight is and recognise when you’ve reached it.

The chances are that you’re heavier now than you used to be. Most people over 35 are.

Are you still aiming for the weight you once were? Or ar you seeking a new happy weight?

Being Overweight is Unhealthy

It’s a fact, but the range of weights for our height is pretty wide which makes it really hard to work out what your ideal, perfect or happy weight actually is.

Know your BMI and waist size

Your body mass index (BMI) is based on your height and weight. It’s a good tool to help measure body fat – and gauge your chances of disease. But it isn’t foolproof. If you’re muscular, the BMI can overstate your body fat. If you’re older and have less muscle mass, it can understate your body fat. BMI is just a guess at the link between your weight and health. But it’s worth knowing what yours is. Use our BMI calculator.

Your waist size can give a better picture of your health – especially if you’re muscular. Simply take a tape measure and put it around your waist, right above your belly button. If your waist size is over 35 inches (for a woman) or 40 inches (for a man), it’s time to take some action.

Check out our waist to hip ratio calculator which goes in to it with a bit more accuracy.

It’s never too late

As you get older, your muscle mass shrinks. But you can boost lean muscle mass and keep your body fat down, even in your 80s!

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Ideal weight by age, height and gender

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What's age got to do with ideal weight? If you've ever tried to find your ideal weight by age, height and gender, you'll know that it's hard. Weight for height charts and ideal weight calculators use your height and gender to give you an average ideal weight. Age seems to have nothing to do with [...]


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