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Weight Loss Competitions and Quizzes – Fun

Here at 1is2fat weight loss, we like to have fun from time to time.  Because we know that losing weight (or maintaining it) can be hard work sometimes. So, to keep you smiling, in this section you’ll find weight loss, health and beauty related competitions, quizzes and other fun stuff. We aim to provide a little light relief to help keep you going and to support your weight loss efforts.

Check back often to see the latest quizzes, competitions, challenges and contests.

How Fat is your Personality?

Take our quick, fun quiz and see how fat or skinny your personality is. Do you think like a thin person or just feel like a fat one? Find out the truth hidden deep in your mind, with our fat personality quiz. And don’t forget to share it with your friends so you can compare, discuss and review the results!

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Win Spa Health Club Day Pass

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Your Chance to Win a Spa & Health Club Day Pass for Two Here at 1is2fat, we want to give you inspiration and motivation on your weight loss journey. And we've come up with a great way for you and a friend to spend some time where you won't be thinking about food. If you're [...]


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