//Christmas Day Calories

Christmas Day Calories

Christmas Day Calories – Ever wondered how many calories you eat on Xmas day?

Here’s a list of Christmas day calories for meals and snacks like Christmas dinner, Christmas cake, Xmas pudding and all the trimmings we consume on that fateful day. One person can easily eat 6000 calories that’s 3 times what we should eat in one day!

Calorie Count for Christmas Food


Roast turkey (90g) – 149 calories

Roast potatoes (85g) – 127 calories

Stuffing (100g) – 231 calories

Bread sauce (45g) – 42 calories

Roast parsnips (90g) – 102 calories

Boiled carrots – 14 calories

Boiled Brussels sprouts – 32 calories

Gravy (50g) – 17 calories

Cranberry sauce (30g) – 45 calories

Pork sausage (20g) – 62 calories

Bacon (40g) – 135 calories

TOTAL: 956 calories

Puddings and Desserts

1 slice of Christmas cake (70g) – 249 calories

1 portion of chocolate log (30g) – 101 calories

1 portion of cheese and biscuits – 394 calories

1 portion of mixed nuts (40g) – 243 calories

1 portion Christmas pudding (100g), custard and brandy butter – 587 calories

1 mince pie and double cream – 368 calories


3 Quality Streets – 133 calories

5 Chocolate Fingers – 150 calories

Average Selection Box – 1,111 calories

1 portion of mixed nuts (40g) – 243 calories

1 glass of mulled wine – 245 calories

Trimmings often eaten at Christmas

Turkey and stuffing sandwich with cranberry jelly (2 slices of bread with butter) – 435 calories

Christmas Ham – 115 Calories (100g)

What we should Eat

Recommended calories per day:

Age 15 to 18: 2,775 (male), 2,110 (female)

Adults: 2,550 (male), 1,940 (female)

If you are brave enough to check how your Christmas day calories intake matches up to your personalised recommended daily calorie intake, use our BMR calculator, but be warned, you may be in for quite a shock.

On average, we put on 4lbs between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day after consuming twice our recommended calorie intake and it can take until Easter to undo that ‘damage’. Get started now by checking out this fast weight loss New Year diet.

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