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Running pace, distance & time calculator

If you’ve decided on jogging or running as a way to help your weight loss plan and if you want to burn calories to lose that fat, you’ll find the running time calculator below is a useful tool to help you plan your exercise schedule and to measure your fitness …. and hopefully therefore your weight loss progress.

Running time calculator

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Running calculator - pace, distance & timeHow to use our running calculator to calculate pace & time

Calculate your running pace

Enter any two values in the running calculator to calculate the third i.e. time, distance or pace.

Calculate your running time

You know you can run comfortably at 7 min per kilometer and you want to know how long a 10k run would take at that pace. Then, just enter 7 min per kilometer to Pace and enter 10 kilometers to Distance. When you press Calculate on the running calculator, you’ll get your running time.

How fast should your running pace be?

In 2016, the average American woman using the Strava app ran 4.6 miles each session with an average pace of 9:55 minutes per mile. So, if you’re running 10-minute miles and never cross the 5-mile mark, you’repretty much average.

Every mile and every minute counts when you’re trying to lose weight and get fit.  Even if you’re slower than the Strava average or don’t run as far, just remember: You’re still lapping everyone on the couch.


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