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Body Shape Calculator – which body type are you?

Use our body shape calculator to find your individual body type. When you understand your shape, it’s easier to visualise your weight loss. Have you got a diet plan? Why not check out our free diet planning calculator too?

Remember – your body shape may change as you lose weight, so check back regularly.

Body Shape Calculator

Womans Body Type Calculator

Note: - You can use metric or imperial measurements, but choose one only and stick with it for all your measurements. When you click in each answer box instructions appear at the bottom on how to take those measurements.


body type calculation

Working it out ...

See the five body shapes or types

A - Body shape calculatorA Shape or pear body type

This is the the classic womanly shape of the A, which has the healthiest distribution of fat and the least likely to have heart disease (you lucky things!). The A shape woman has shoulders that are narrower than her hips and thighs.

X - Body shape calculatorX Shape or hour glass body type

The X shape body has shoulders and hips relatively the same size, and a defined waist. The widest part of the body is the thighs, not the bottom, when viewed from the front.ope outwards from waist to hips.

V - Body shape calculatorV Shape or inverted triangle body type

If you have a V shape body or an an Inverted Triangle Body Shape your hips are narrower than your shoulders. your waist may go in slightly, or be a bit straighter, but the main defining feature of your shape is the different proportions of shoulders and hips.

O - Body shape calculatorO Shape or apple body type

The apple shaped woman carries most her body fat in the abdominal region. She will generally have narrow hips, larger breasts, and a relatively large waist. Apple-shaped women have more fat surrounding their internal organs (visceral fat).

I - Body shape calculatorI Shape (H Shape if you’re overweight) or rectangle body type

So you don’t have a waist no matter how much dieting or exercise you do. Why? Because of your skeleton, remember that set of bones that lies beneath your skin? If you feel your rib cage and find the bottom rib, and then feel down your body til you find your hip bone (the bone that juts out at the front of your pelvis), how far apart are they? The closer they are, the less waist you can have because there is no space for a waist. All those long waisted X’s and A’s have inches in between and the only bones at their waist is their spine, your rib cage and pelvis are sitting almost right on top of each other, which shortens your waist.

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