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Fat Personality Quiz

How Fat is your Personality?

Take our quick, fun quiz and see how fat or skinny your personality is. Do you think like a thin person or just feel like a fat one? Find out the truth with our fat personality quiz. Just answer these ten simple questions truthfully to see your fat personality type. Compare your personality to your friends and see if your personalities match the scales. So, do you have a skinny mind? or is your brain pre-disposed to making you fat?

Fat personality Type Quiz

Check your fat personality type using our quick quiz. Answer like no one’s watching, or if you’re shy, just make sure no one can see your screen!

How often to you break a sweat?

When you're bored, do you reach for?

When your jeans are too tight, do you?

How do you like your veg?

When shopping for a beach holiday, do you buy

Your perfect night out is

When you're still hungry, do you?

When you're stressed do you prefer?

Sightseeing - would you

Your must have accessory is

What Next?

If you and your fat personality need a bit of help sticking to your diet, or even getting started, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look around, read our weight loss blog or try out our weight loss calculators. We’re here to help.

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