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1 is 2 Fat Weight Loss Guide

Weight loss – find out if you’re too fat & by how much – then stick to your weight loss goals.

With more than 10 free diet calculators and diet planners, 1 is 2 Fat is the most down to earth and honest guide to losing weight and fighting the flab we know. You’ll also find diet reviews and tips, plus Anni’s weight loss blog to help you stay motivated along the way – make it your preferred Weight Loss Guide.


Our weight charts & body fat calculators can tell you everything from your ideal weight to body fat percentage.

Check if you're too fat

To decide if you’re too fat, you can look in the mirror, listen to friends, use a bathroom scale, tape measure or an old outfit from your ideal weight era. But the most accurate way is to use our detailed calculations.

Diet Planning

Once you know how much weight you need to lose you need a plan. A plan will forecast & track the progress you've made.

Diet planners & progress charts

Diet planners, progress charts and food diaries can make all the difference to your diet success.

Diet Tips & Tricks

Packed with helpful diet tips and fun tricks to keep you motivated

Weight loss tips that make the difference

Reasons you should have before you start your diet and trick to get you started.


From the Atkins diet to the South Beach diet and from low carb to low fat diets. You'll find them here.

Types of Diets

Check out the differences between the diet types and find out what we think works.

Do U really need to lose weight?

Weight Loss ads are all around us, but just because we think we’re too fat, doesn’t always mean we are. Our aim is to guide you through the weight loss maze. Help you find out if you’re too fat. And then commit to your weight loss goals – use our Weight Loss Guide throughout your journey.

Weight Loss messages are everywhere. Messages that make us feel too fat.

  • Magazines tell you how to lose weight
  • Weight Loss Videos show how to burn fat
  • Leading ladies are always skin & bone
  • Models are often 5ft 11″ & weigh 98lbs !
  • Some shops only stock small (tiny) sizes.
  • TV programs talk about an impossible size zero.
  • Hot Topics of conversation are often all about slimming
  • Airbrushed pics of thin celebs make our aims unrealistic
  • Food is calorie counted & even has warnings for fat content
  • We all know someone thinner than us !

So you must be too fat right?


Optimum healthy weight is based on what’s good for you. Everyone’s different. Ranging between: Tall, Short, Tiny delicate frames and Wide rangy frames.

Let’s get something straight here & now –  if your skeleton’s hips measure 36″, they’ll never measure below 37″.

Fat has got nothing to do with it – so weight loss programs & diets are irrelevant. Use our weight loss guide to find out if you need to lose weight & how to achieve your weight loss goals.

Weight loss guide, to trick your diet devil

Using the 1 is 2 Fat Weight Loss Guide

Using our Weight Loss Guide is simple. Just pick a starting point based on where you are on your weight loss journey. And it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting and want to see if you’re too fat or want to maintain your weight. Or anywhere in between.

This guide is here to support you no matter how much or how little weight you want to lose or your age, gender or lifestyle. You may want to find out how to lose weight fast, or be more interested in how many calories you should eat to lose weight. This weight loss guide covers it all.

What’s in the Weight Loss Guide?

At 1is2 Fat, you’ll find calculators and weight loss planners as well as details of diets and how they work as well as regular articles and news to keep you informed and motivated. And what’s more you’ll find diet tips and tricks that work to help you stay on track and lose the weight.

Not only that, but you’ll also find information on some of the less talked about weight loss tools such as Diet Pills and we give you the low down on what it’s like to use them from a first hand perspective. We share some of the risks and the benefits. And if you want to speed up your weight loss without using diet pills, we share a method we’ve used with great success.

Why choose 1 is 2 Fat as your Weight Loss Guide?

We’ve been around a while

This Weight Loss Guide has been around since 2004 and has been developed by me, Anni. I’m a professional, life long, dieter who’s tried, failed and finally succeeded in losing over 55lbs. And I’ve now kept it off for years.  From my heaviest weight of 178lbs, I now weigh just 123lbs and only allow upward fluctuations of 7lbs.

We understand the challenges you face

I understand what it’s like, know what works and have found the secret to gaining willpower to get started. I know how to maintain willpower through those difficult periods. For example, weight loss plateaus that you think will never end. And those pesky cheat cravings that just appear suddenly out of nowhere when you’re least expecting them.

You’ll get the right help and guidance for you

Just as important, I know the challenges you face through the decades too. That’s because I embarked on my first diet in my twenties and had successes and failures in my twenties, thirties and forties. By comparison, now in my fifties, I’ve only had successes. Now I have a willpower switch keeping my weight under control. So those that tell you it’s not possible to lose weight in your fifties are wrong! Because I’m living proof and want to help you achieve your weight loss goals, whether you’re twenty something or fifty plus.

Not to mention the best bit – it’s all completely free!

We think this is the best Weight Loss Guide around and hope that you will too.


If you’re trying to slim down or lose weight on your own, you’ll find it much easier with this guide by your side. Let us help keep you motivated right through your diet and beyond when you’re maintaining your new slim shape. We’ll help you get a true perspective on your weight loss needs and a clear image of your body shape and type. You’ll find making your diet plan much easier and deciding on which diet will work for you will be a breeze too.


All the weight loss, calorie, fat burning, BMI, BMR and diet planning calculators you’ll ever need.

All free and all in one place!

Not only that, our weight loss planner factors in how your metabolism really works to predict how long it’ll take to reach a particular weight loss goal.


From the Atkins diet to the South Beach diet and from low carb to low fat diets, you’ll find them here.

Check out the differences between the diet types and find out what we think works.

Anni’s Blog

I’m Anni, I’ve lost over 55lbs in weight and admit it’s been a life long struggle. Now at 50 +, I’m sharing what I’ve learned along the way.

Read my weight loss blog for tips, tricks and insights into staying motivated on the weight loss journey.