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Weight Maintenance

Learn how to maintain your new weight with ease. First off you’ll need to decide when to go into weight maintenance mode. Once you have, then you will have made a choice to maintain your goal weight forever.

Don’t think of hitting maintenance mode as an end point; a full stop marking the end of your weight-loss journey. Of course, in some ways, it is — you”re no longer in weight loss mode, your goal is no longer to see the number on the scale change each week.

But the challenge now you’ve got to your perfect size, is to stay within that goal weight. Keeping the scale steady within a few pounds of your target is key.

Weight maintenance isn’t for 3 months like your diet might have been, this is your new forever weight  and the new permanent mindset you’ll need to adopt.

Discover when it’s the right time and how you should hit  maintenance mode:

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Calories needed to maintain weight

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The number of calories needed to maintain weight require careful consideration. Here are three different scenarios that might fit your situation (though I'm guessing the second is most likely): You've always been the same weight, but after a lifestyle change or injury, you're worried about gaining weight After jumping for joy at finally reaching your [...]


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