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Body frame size calculator

First of all, calculate the size of your body’s frame or skeleton to help plan your ideal weight.

Body Frame Size Calculator

Ever been told you have big bones? Check here to see if it's true!

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Why it matters

Knowing the size of your body frame will help you plan your weight loss goals more accurately. Most of all, knowing if you have a small frame will show you that you need to lose more weight than if you weighed the same but had a large frame.

Body Frame Sizes

Body frame sizes are simple to calculate – all you need is a tape measure and our online body frame size calculator too. Just tell us your measurements and we’ll do the rest!

Then, once you’re happy you’ve found your true body frame size, check out our other weight loss calculators. And use our diet planner too, it’ll take you to the next step toward reaching your weight loss goal. Remember, we’re here to support you on your journey.

Alternative ways to calculate your Body Frame size

One way of finding how much weight you would benefit from losing in your diet and exercise plan is to use your body size. Have you ever heard people say they are big boned? Well this is what they mean:- Some people have neat little narrow frames, while others have a more rangy skeleton.
So bone mass and muscle mass all play a part in deciding your ideal weight. This is why ideal weight charts have a range of weights that are ideal for your height.

There are two simple methods of determining your frame size:-

  • Measuring the circumference of your wrist, which is by far the easiest.
  • Measuring the breadth of your elbow, which is a bit harder to do but gives better accuracy.
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