//Top weightloss hypnosis apps

Top weightloss hypnosis apps

Getting and keeping the motivation to start and stick to your diet is undoubtedly the toughest part of losing weight successfully. Crack this and your almost there. Because willpower is all about a mindset, there are many proponants of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Here are Anni’s top weightloss hypnosis Apps.

#1 Best Weightloss Hypnosis App

VGB Hypnosis

EasyLoss VGB Hypnosis App for Weight Loss

This one is a best seller for a reason – the same reason it’s first in our list of top weightloss hypnosis apps. In our opinion, it’s good! And it works, it is worth every penny of the £7.99 on Apple and £4.99 on Google Play.

What you get

You get a whole bundle of hypnosis sessions with a female voice and soothing hypnotic music in the background. There are clear instructions on which sessions to listen to and when. You’ll have an option to listen to a session to motivate you to move more and exercise at anytime.

And it’s interactive too, with a diary to log weight, take photos of your before and after results as well as your meals. You can even log how much water you drink! And the App will send you notification and reminders too (but only if you want it to).

And for those us that need it there’s a panic button for those times when you need an extra mental boost! All this makes Easy loss VGB hypnosis our top weightloss hypnosis app.

  • It doesn’t force you to follow a particular diet.
  • There are Nighttime and Daytime sessions (so you can choose to go to sleep after listening or to get up and be wide awake)
  • It has different sessions for the different phases of your diet including maintenance.
  • Tries to do a bit too much with the photo diaries etc, but you don’t need to use all the extras if you don’t want to.

Where to Buy

get it on google play

#2 Top Weightloss Hypnosis Apps

Lose Weight Hypnosis

lose weight hypnosis

This one came in at number 2 in our list of top weightloss hypnosis apps because we really liked the bundled apps (you can buy a bundle or individual apps as in app purchases). These let you focus on the areas unique to you. In the bundle:

  • Lose Weight Hypnosis: Create a clear vision of your ideal body and program your mind to achieve it
  • Enjoy Exercise Hypnosis: Stop avoiding exercise and make it something you can’t wait to do!
  • Eat Healthy Hypnosis: Release your old cravings and truly enjoy the flavors of fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables
  • Mindful Eating Hypnosis: Feel satisfied after eating only what you need — it just happens naturally!
  • Sleep Well Hypnosis: Deep, restorative sleep is essential for achieving your weight loss goals

Where to Buy this top weightloss hypnosis App

download on the app store

#3 Top Weightloss Hypnosis Apps

GH Ultimate Weightloss

GH Ultimate Weightloss Hypnosis

This one seems like it’s cheaper on the face of it, but the in-app purchases debunk that myth quite quickly.

There are two tracks included in the initial price that focus on the combination of eating healthily and getting fit.

Those that have reviewed it absolutely loved it, which helped it reach number 3 in our top weightloss hypnosis apps list. But we weren’t quite as taken with the hypnotherapists voice or the somewhat purist style of the suggestions. We felt it was written by someone who doesn’t know what it’s like to be overweight.

We also felt that it was somewhat dated and hadn’t been updated in a while.

Where to Buy this top weightloss hypnosis app

download on the app store

Not ready or don’t want to try one of the best weightloss hypnosis apps?

Then try out these motivational tips to help with your diet mojo:

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