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The ratio of your waist to hip is important

It indicates not only how fat you may be and where you tend to store fat, but also some potential health risks. To calculate your weight loss goal based on your body shape, you can use the waist to hip ratio calculator. You may also like to try our body shape calculator.

What the waist to hip ratio calculator results mean

O - Body shape calculator
normal weight< 0.80< 0.90
obese> 0.85> 1.00

*Dt. Gesellschaft für Sportmedizin und Prävention e.V. (DGSP)

Waist Hip Ratio Calculator

Enter your waist size in inches: Enter your hip size in inches:

How to calculate the ratio of your hips and waist

This is how our waist to hip ratio calculator comes up with your results. You can of course do the calculation manually too Divide your waist size at its smallest by your hip size at its largest and you get a key to how much fat is stored in the abdomen, where it raises the risk of heart disease. The lowest healthy ratio is not yet known. But many experts agree that women with ratios of 0.8 or lower and men with ratios of 1 or lower are in good shape.

Why it matters

This method can help those who hold their fat in a particular area see if they need to lose weight or if they need to lose inches through a weight loss program which includes diet and exercise aimed at specific areas of the body such as waist hips (or thighs).

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