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5 02, 18

Ideal weight by age, height and gender

2018-06-09T09:00:37+00:00 Feb 5, 2018|Categories: Diet Planning, Ideal weight, Over 50|Tags: , |0 Comments

What's age got to do with ideal weight? If you've ever tried to find your ideal weight by age, height and gender, you'll know that it's hard. Weight for height charts and ideal weight calculators use your height and gender to give you an average ideal weight. Age seems to have nothing to do with [...]

1 01, 18

Diet Kick-Start Motivation

2018-06-09T09:17:04+00:00 Jan 1, 2018|Categories: Diet Motivation, Diet Planning, Diets, Weight Loss|Tags: , , |0 Comments

The Motivational Diet Kick-Start Often the hardest part of any diet is getting started. Many would-be dieters mooch around for months whinging about how fat they have become and vowing every week, that next week is when their diet starts. But for many, the first day of a diet is the hardest, you feel hungry [...]

1 01, 18

Fast Weight Loss for your New Year Diet

2018-06-20T05:20:54+00:00 Jan 1, 2018|Categories: Calories, Diet Planning, Diets|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

New Year Diet - Fast Weight Loss Are you, like many of us at this time of year, looking for a route to fast weight loss in our New Year Diet? Look no further, because here at 1 is 2 Fat, we've been looking at all the options to lose weight fast now for over [...]

31 12, 17

Calorie Burning Superfoods

2018-06-09T09:21:40+00:00 Dec 31, 2017|Categories: Diet Planning, Diets, Weight Loss|Tags: , , |0 Comments

Fat-Burning Food Guide: Calorie Burning Super foods do more than just fill you up, they can help you burn more calories! Which means you can lose more weight!! Food is all about nutrition and providing fuel for your body, but some foods pack an extra punch, when it comes to burning calories. Calorie Burning Superfoods [...]

31 12, 17

Alternative to diet pills

2018-06-19T19:11:01+00:00 Dec 31, 2017|Categories: Diet Pills, Diet Planning, Weight Loss|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

What is the Alternative to Diet Pills? This is the formula that works for me as an alternative to diet pills. Following 25 years of personal diet research. To make it work for me I first needed to have the facts about my personal diet needs. Then I applied the calorie counting method [...]

18 12, 17

Pre Xmas Diet

2018-06-09T09:25:47+00:00 Dec 18, 2017|Categories: Diet Planning, Diets, Weight Loss|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

Pre Xmas diet  lose weight before the Christmas Holidays The Christmas holiday season is almost upon us and we know we're going to eat well and be merry at Christmas time, so now is actually a great time to get a head start on those New Year Resolutions! Here's a fast 5 day pre Xmas [...]


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